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2017 Summer Solstice Ritual [Webpage with Links to Audio Mp3 and PDF included] *Please note, this has been corrected. This ritual should be done as often as you can. There is no ending date.

Rituale di Inversione della Torah dell'Autorità Demoniaca, Solstizio Estivo 21 Giugno 2017.pdf [Italiano]

RTR Rituals
Reverse Torah Rituals:
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Click here for a ZIP file of all the Reverse Torah Rituals, PDFs and Audio Mp3s in English
[Note* This is a large file, 47 MB]


Satan's Library Articles in Audio Mp3 UPDATES


Satan's Library Articles in Audio Mp3 UPDATES


Satan's Library Articles in Audio Mp3 UPDATES


Satan's Library Articles in Audio Mp3 UPDATES

We apologize for the large amount of broken links. The enemy keeps working to try to stop the truth which exposes them and their death-dealing programs for humanity by taking things down. We will keep doing our best to have the links working. Many are down right now and we should have these up very soon. The internet is not stable. Do NOT wait to download everything you can. The Internet Archive in some areas of sensitive information that is very exposing and deadly to the enemy, has been compromised. We are working around this. We will continue to fight. Our Goal is to be the last ones standing. The enemy as we know has taken very hard hits. We must continue on. Satanism is not for the weak. Below is the entire library of PDFs in English in a ZIP file. After this is downloaded, just right-click the ZIP folder on your PC and select "extract all." Because of the size, it can take a few minutes to download and extract. Also, we are working on having everything here and on the Joy of Satan websites available on audio Mp3 as well [narrated readings of articles]. Every time humanity reaches a certain level of knowledge, civilization collapses as it did with the coming of the Dark Ages. In addition, everyone dies and cannot take what they know with them. This is an alien curse of which we must overcome and fight back. Through Satan, we can win.

Satan's Library - ALL articles in English, ZIP FILE, 06/April/2017, [364 MB]

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